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Vacuum Hoses
Our vacuum hoses won't shock you!
They're Static Conductive, crushproof, and designed to fit all our vacuums.
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Combination Hoses
Our tools need vacuum and compressed air.
Our hoses are happy to supply it.
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Compressed Air Lines
Threaded fittings on each end, make
plug and coupler changes easy.
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Clayton supports the US Military with NSNs on many items... Learn more
When the job is done, the cleanup begins.
We have over 100 cleanup tools for every pipe, corner, and crevice.
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Dust BrushesWandsGulpersPipe BrushesFloor ToolsCrevice ToolsPersonel Brushes
Make sure our stuff fits your stuff, or your stuff fits our stuff. Either way fittings make stuff fit.
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Hose Adapters
Making connections easy, make customers happy. And we like happy customers.
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Air/Vac Distribution
Don't fight over our vacuums.
Distribution modules and manifolds
help people share.
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